Refill Kits

Order Refill Container Kits for your empty Lowcountry Candle Company jars! Our Refill Kits are designed to be used with our Nordic Ceramic Tumblers, 2-Wick Square Containers and the Clear Tumbler. Each Kit includes everything you need to turn your empty jar into a beautiful, wonderful smelling candle. Your Kit includes the following:

Container of Wax (12 Ounces), Wick(s) & Wick Sticker(s), Wick Holder, Warning Label, Scent Label, Instructions

The step-by-step instructions included in your kit will guide you through the easy process of creating a new candle. Below are a couple of warnings to consider.

*The wick(s) with your kit is specifically to be used with our 12 ounce Clear Tumbler, 12 ounce Nordic Ceramic Tumbler and 12 ounce Square Jar.

*Do not use this kit for any other jar. Not all containers are suitable for candlemaking and the enclosed wicks will not work well with just any size or type of container.

Square Jar Refill Kit (12 oz) - $18.50


Nordic Tumbler Refill Kit (12 oz) - $18.50


Clear Tumbler Refill Kit (11 oz) - $18.50






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