About Us

Our beginnings:

We have been Chandlers for over twenty years. We originally began with what ever our suppliers had to offer at the time; a small selection of jars, wicks and a variety of fragrance oils. Through the years, a wider variety of containers, wicks, fragrances and a more diverse selection of waxes became available. We experimented with a wide variety of containers, an assortment of wicks, fragrance oils and wax combinations. Through rigorous testing, we quickly settled into a wonderful custom blend that our customers loved. So, with years of experience behind us, Lowcountry Candle Company created this amazing, upscale candle line.  

Soon after our Grand Opening on February 6th, 2015, we immediately began test marketing two new lines...coffee and wine. Years earlier we noticed suppliers offering more varieties in coffee and wine fragrance oils. We ordered in many samples to ensure the best premium fragrances for our candles. Once we had these on hand, we knew immediately that we wanted a different style of jar. A jar that was large enough for three wicks and was still very elegant. We found them! During our test marketing, we immediately noticed how quickly they moved. Coffee and Wine enthusiasts purchased them, as well as customers purchasing them as gifts. 

So on January 5th, 2017, we launched our two newest line: Coffee House and The Vineyard! 

We know you will enjoy our newest additions! So, sit back and relax, (with a cup of coffee or glass of wine), and browse these newest lines. You will absolutely love these upscale, elegant candles and they will look gorgeous in your home or office.

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