We do our very best to describe the fragrances in our candle lines. We also use the list of notes and descriptions that come from our suppliers. If you are unsure of a particular fragrance based on the description, we encourage you to purchase votive size candles before purchasing in larger sizes. By doing so, you will be assured of receiving the fragrances you expect when ordering the large 3 Wick Candles.

Retailers: We encourage you to purchase Tester Kits that are specifically designed to help you make informed decisions on your selections of candle scents. The Tester Kits allow you to burn the candles in your Boutique or Gift Shop so your customers can smell them first hand. Keep in mind that the "cold throw" and "hot throw", can sometimes be completely different. When a candle is not burning (cold throw), the notes of the fragrance can sometimes be difficult to decipher accurately. Once a candle is lit, the notes of that particular fragrance become dominant. We do not refund or accept returns due to scents that are not what you expected or are personal preferences. Once you have added items to your shopping cart, you are agreeing to these terms. (This applies to both Wholesale and Retail Customers)

Also Retailers: When placing your first few orders with us, we encourage you to purchase smaller quantities of fragrances. Everyone is different, preferring some scents over others. Therefore, ordering smaller amounts in multiple fragrances will help you to choose the most popular fragrances on future orders. Once you have a feel for what your customers want, you will have insight on the fragrances and quantities to order on future purchases. We do not accept returns because a particular scent isn't moving for you. Keep this in mind when placing your orders.

Special Events Policy : Once your order has been placed for Weddings, Corporate events, Employees, Fundraisers, Reunions, Showers, custom wholesale accounts or any order with customized labeling, cannot be cancelled or returned. All sales are final once your order has been received.

We take great pride in our products and our goal is to continue to create wonderfully scented candles that you will absolutely love! We think you'll find that our candles smell amazing and will keep you coming back for more. 

Placing your order

Please double check your order for accuracy prior to placing your order with us. Make sure the candles and quantities of each fragrance are correct. Also, check the address to make sure it is correct. Merchandise which is returned to us due to an incorrect address will be billed for any shipping charges that we are charged. Be sure your credit card number, expiration date and code on the back of the credit card are correct.

When your order is placed, you will receive a "Shopper Id Number". Use this number when contacting us about your order.

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