If you are a business interested in our wholesale pricing and products, please email us at info@lowcountrycandlecompany.com . Include your name, your company name, location, phone and business tax id number. You will then be issued an access code to the wholesale portion of our website.

Minimum Wholesale Opening Order: $180.00. Subsequent Orders: $180.00.

Notes: All Mason Jar Candles, Candle Tins, Tumblers and large 3-wick Candles are not Gift Boxed. They arrive with lids. Each of the Square Jars and Votive candles are Gift Boxed and "shelf ready". Therefore, if you only purchase the Gift Boxed Square Jars and Votive Candles, we encourage you to purchase Tester Kits with your orders. You can order a Votive or Tea Light Tester Kit. Each Kit arrives with 12 fragrances of your choice.  This will allow you to display the candles from your tester kit with the boxed candles or to burn them so your customers can smell the scents. Be sure to visit our Tester Kit pages for details.

Thank you for considering Lowcountry Candle Company. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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