If you are a business interested in our wholesale pricing and products, please email us at info@lowcountrycandlecompany.com . Include your name, your company name, location, phone and business tax id number. You will then be issued an access code to the wholesale portion of our website.
Minimum Wholesale Opening Order is only $180.00. Subsequent Orders are $180.00.

Personalized Labels for Your Business:

Did you know we do personalized labels for our wholesale customers? If you own a Boutique, Gift Shop, Coffee House, Restaurant, Salon or Spa, we can create your personalized labels for your company. We also offer personalization for businesses that offer services such as Construction Companies, Realtors, Cleaning Services, or businesses that need "Thank You" gifts for clients. Below are just a few samples. It's quick and easy.

All you do is:

Choose the name of your candle
Choose the small quote for the bottom right corner of your label
Choose your Scent

If you're interested in carrying our candles and would also like your own candle names, we will be happy to work with you to create your personalized candles!

Thank you for considering Lowcountry Candle Company. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Enjoy your visit!

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